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About the Green Reward:

Starting 2022, Carbon Mobile will begin the Carbon Next program which will disassemble Carbon devices with the objective to further develop and optimize Carbon Mobile's processes around the re-use of its raw materials in the next generation of devices. To avoid unnecessary wastage using new Carbon devices, we instead request our customers to assist us, by allowing us to use their used Carbon 1 Mark II for this purpose. The Green Reward is a generous discount that these customers can use towards the purchase of the redesigned and updated 2022, next generation model of the Carbon 1 smartphone.

Customer Commitment:

The Green Reward is created as an appreciation to our customers who want to help us in creating a greener and better future with minimal creation of wastage in the process, which would be the case if we had to use brand new devices. However, even after the customer has received his/her Green Award redemption code, the decision to redeem the code and take part in the execution phase of the program is 100% voluntary.

Monetary value and sign-up period:

Initial Term (06.07.2021 to 20.08.2021): Purchases during this term are automatically eligible to receive the following Green Reward dependent on location: EU 400€ / United Kingdom £340 / International $400. The Green Reward value of customers who purchased the Carbon 1 Mark II at a discounted purchase price may be reduced by the respective discount value. 

Secondary Term (TBD): An extension of the Green Reward will be reviewed following the initial term. Customers that sign up during this term should anticipate a lower Green Reward value.

How to apply:

All customers who purchased their Carbon 1 Mark II without discount before 20.08.2021 are eligible for the full Green Reward value. Customers who purchased their Carbon 1 Mark II at a discount can apply, however Carbon Mobile reserves the right to lower the Green Reward value of such customers by the value of the respective discount given. A Carbon Mobile representative will review such applications and inform the customer of the Green Reward value granted. Only purchases of a Carbon 1 Mark II smartphone are eligible for the Green Reward. 

There are 3 routes for application: 
- All existing Customers (purchases from or from partner retailers): Are automatically eligible for the Green Reward and can claim it at Customers should do so before 20.08.2021 5pm CET to ensure their enrolment is successful. 
- New Customers (purchases from Are automatically enrolled into the Green Reward scheme if they purchase before 28.08.2021 5pm CET. An automatic email following the purchase will confirm their enrolment. 
- New Customer (purchases from partner retailers): Are automatically eligible for the Green Reward if they purchase a Carbon 1 Mark II before 20.08.2021 and can claim it at Customers should do so before 20.08.2021 5pm CET to ensure their enrolment is successful. 

If your Carbon 1 is not purchased from, please make sure to keep a scan of your purchase receipt because it is required during the sign-up process. 

Green Reward Unique Code:

All applications will be reviewed and verified. If all customer details are correct and clear, a unique Green Reward code will be sent to the customer via email. Customers must ensure the email address entered during the purchase at or during the Green Reward sign-up process is correct. 

The unique Green Reward code can then be used against the purchase of the Carbon 1 MK III in 2022. Codes are transferrable by contacting Carbon Mobile customer support, but each individual code can only be used for the purchase of one Carbon 1 Mark III. 

Each code is only redeemable with the simultaneous trade-in of one used Carbon 1 Mark II to Carbon Mobile. The customer will ship his or her used Carbon 1 Mark II to Carbon Mobile. After the device has been received by Carbon Mobile, the code will become redeemable within 2 business days and can be used towards a purchase of the 2022 model of Carbon 1 (Mark III) at including free shipping to all countries Carbon Mobile sells to. Green Reward codes cannot be used together with other discounts, unless clearly stated otherwise. 

Multiple Green Rewards:

Each Carbon 1 Mark II sold under these terms qualifies for a separate Green Award code. This means if a customer purchases multiple Carbon 1 Mark II under these terms, he or she can claim the same number of Green Rewards. However, when purchasing the new Carbon 1 Mark III in 2022, customers can only redeem 1 code per each individual device they buy. This means customers cannot redeem 2 codes to purchase 1 device but for example they can of course redeem 2 codes to purchase 2 devices.

Redemption Period:

The Green Reward can only be redeemed on purchases made within the first 4 months of Carbon 1 Mark III initial sales start. The date will be announced through our newsletter and through email communication to the Green Award holders. After this term the Green Reward is invalidated. Customer assume responsibility to ensure that their email address provided is up to date. Customer details can be updated by contacting [email protected] 

Carbon Mobile will send reminders to all customers in 2022 during the market introduction period of the Carbon 1 Mark III. By accepting these terms, you agree to receive such email communication from Carbon Mobile.


For any further question, please contact [email protected] 

Company Registration:
Carbon Mobile GmbH
Winterfeldtstr. 21
10781 Berlin


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In the news

Carbon Mobile wins the JEC Composites Connect - Innovation Award for the Carbon 1 MK II, the world’s first carbon fiber smartphone.

Newsroom - 2/6/2021

European startup, Carbon Mobile, has reached another milestone as it continues to accelerate the future of electronics and unlock a new era of composites.

The Carbon 1 MK II, designed in Germany has secured the most coveted and prestigious award in the field of composites – the JEC Composites Connect - Innovation Award. The JEC jury of international experts has awarded the innovative smartphone in the design category. The world's thinnest and lightest smartphone produced with carbon composites was able to prevail against strong rival innovations from industry giants, Toray and Armacell.

Firas Khalifeh, CEO of Carbon Mobile, upon winning the award said, "We’re incredibly proud the JEC Award judges have recognized and awarded the Carbon 1 MK II. High-performance materials like carbon fibre will drive forward the more exciting and greener future of connected devices. This Carbon 1 is just the start. This is for the team and all our partners that share this vision and have put so much time, resource and passion into this project.”

Revolutionary Materials Technology, born in Germany

Despite their advanced properties for producing robust yet lightweight structures, carbon fibres behave in an electromagnetic shielding manner. This means that they block radio signals, forming a Faraday cage that rather than allowing signals to pass through, instead disperses them around the outer body of the device. 

Following four years of research and development, Carbon Mobile’s engineers have developed a revolutionary process to unlock carbon fibre’s potential for connected devices. The patented HyRECM (Hybrid Radio Enabled Composite Material) technology fuses carbon fibres with a complimentary composite material capable of RF signal permeation. To further boost the device's connectivity, a unique 3D-printed conductive ink is integrated into the carbon fibre structure. The result is the first “radio-enabled” carbon fibre-based material. Applied for the first time in the Carbon 1 MK II, the new technology produces a robust carbon fibre-based housing structure that is not only incredibly thin and light, but also made from less than five percent plastic. 

This cutting-edge monocoque design enables a device that weighs just 125 grams, a third lighter than conventional smartphones. At only 6.3mm, it is also 25 percent thinner as well.

Towards a world with zero E-Waste

In an industry that generates over 50m tons of E-Waste annually, a shift towards strong yet lightweight composite materials like carbon fibre could save 100m tons of the Earth’s resources every year in production.

Carbon Mobile believe this is a major stepping stone for the adoption of high-performance sustainable materials in connected devices. “We want to deliver our contribution to cutting electronic waste and improving sustainability in the technologies we rely on most,” says Khalifeh. Their radical research has already dramatically reduced lead times from 3 hours in 2017 to just 30 minutes today and the opportunity to truly rival mass production capabilities of plastics, glass and aluminium is on the horizon. 

Leading German composites manufacturer, LANXESS partnered with Carbon Mobile in the development of the device. Their Tepex composite material used for the monocoque body can be easily recycled and repurposed for new uses. “We’re happy that our composite material contributes to the success of this amazing cell phone. It does more than just allow exceptionally thin wall thicknesses of the housing. In fact, with its high strength and rigidity, it also helps to make the device very robust for daily use. In addition, the matte-black carbon-fibres give the smartphone a truly high-tech look,” says Dirk Bonefeld, Head of Marketing and Sales for Tepex in the "Consumer Electronics and Sport" (CES) sectors at LANXESS. “We are pleased to partner with Carbon Mobile on this important project and are looking forward to the further successful cooperation.”

LANXESS as a strong partner alongside Carbon Mobile 

The starting material for the production of the housing is a thermoplastic composite material of the Tepex Dynalite product range from LANXESS. This is additionally reinforced with a fabric of very fine 1K endless carbon filaments. The special composite material was originally developed for the extremely lightweight construction of highly loaded components. With its high stiffness and strength, it contributes to the fact that the device is very robust in daily use. To extend the service life of the smartphone, all its components are designed to be easily replaceable for repair purpose, which also prevents electronic waste from being created.

ABOUT JEC Innovation Awards

JEC Innovation Awards celebrate the fruitful cooperation between players of the composite community. Started in 1996, the JEC Innovation Awards have, over the past 24 years, brought in 1,900 companies worldwide. 198 companies and 475 partners have been rewarded for the excellence of their composite innovations. The JEC Innovation Awards reward composites champions, based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality, or commercial applications of innovations.

Our Press-Kit and further materials can be found here. 

In the news